Introducing MitMak

A Game-Changer in the World of Makhana

Experience the Extraordinary: MitMak is Poised to Redefine the Way You Indulge.

The Story

MITMAK is a new snack that brings together traditional Mithila cuisine with makhana, a popular lotus seed snack in India. The Sah family has been producing makhana for generations, with their late grandfather Ram Chandra Sah starting the business in 1954.

Mr. Dilip Chandra, son of the late Ram Chandra Sah, achieved great success with his OM brand and SR brand makhana, which became widely renowned for their consistent and high quality.

Today, his grandson Rohit Chandra, who gained expertise in modern business practices through his MBA studies, aims to expand the company and establish a strong market presence in big box stores across India. In 2022, they registered the company as Mithila Makhana Private Limited, and now with the launch of their new brand MITMAK, they strive to deliver only the finest quality foxnuts to their customers.

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